About GSC

The face of fast food is changing, and we are leading the way.

Greenwich Salad Co. began when I visited a local salad shop for a quick and healthy lunch after a work out. Walking in ravenous and leaving unsatisfied, I began mulling over why fast food has to be either completely unhealthy or, in a word, mediocre. I quickly brought my husband, Joel, and my best friend, Jaime, in to my musings: Why can’t a salad be healthy, filling and flavorful? Why can’t a shop bring in the freshest, highest quality ingredients and still make their product affordable? Why can’t a salad and wrap shop be a place you recommend to family and a fun place to hang with friends?

As athletes, Jaime and I are committed to keeping ourselves in the best shape possible, something we are learning becomes a bit more difficult with age. And because the importance of eating right has become such an obvious and recurrent issue in today’s world, our desire to be healthy and fit just naturally extends from our families and friends to the community and world around us.

We want to make your decision to eat right an easy one. Our ingredients and taste profiles are carefully picked to deliver a flavor punch without calorie overload. Try a Yankee breakfast wrap with egg whites and oven-baked turkey bacon; our chipotle ketchup will wow your mouth and not your waistline. Order a Mexi-Cos Cobb salad and ask your chopper for a taste of our Jalapeno Ranch; fresh herbs and non-fat Greek yogurt make our designer dressings craveable and low-fat/low-cal. Ask for a taste of our Chunky Chick Pea Gazpacho or Roasted Red Bell Pepper soups; our rotating soup selection is made in house so we know exactly what goes in to them to make them good and good for you.

At GSC, we strive to be different. Because of our background in fine dining, Jaime and I have an obsession with quality and service, something we find lacking in many places we visit. Too often, if we find a menu we love, the service leaves much to be desired. Conversely, there are quite a few places we would love to frequent because we enjoy the quick and attentive service, but the atmosphere and inconsistency in food quality unfortunately guarantees we will not return. What sets GSC apart? Everything! Vibrant décor and an upbeat atmosphere; speedy, well-trained and friendly staff; artisanal, small batch dressings; unique ingredients and flavor combinations; a commitment to using as many renewable resources and recyclable products as possible; and, our desire to know you by name. The GSC team is a fun family, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Come experience the difference at Greenwich Salad Co. and taste how easy being green can be.

Wishing you healthy days,
Jessica San Antonio